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It’s Monday Again!

The Arabs are using social media so effectively that you will think it was initially invented for them.

They started the Arab spring that brought democracy to a number of countries in northern africa and the middle east first on social media before they moved them offline.

Presently, they are using it effectively to migrate to Europe and this year alone over 400,000 of them have crossed over to europe as refugees.

ISIS/ISIL (whichever they call themselves) are using social media so well in sending fear to the world and recruiting gullible muslims from the west.

Boko Haram has used this same social media to insinuate that they were more powerful than the military until recently when they are being matched by the Defense Headquarters.

How well are you using social media to promote what you believe?

Here are a few tools you can use to increase your effectiveness on social media. To view the geographical distribution of your followers on twitter. To measure the reach of a particular Hashtag or Keyword. To manage followers and Unfollowers, automatic DM, Auto mention etc. manage followers, unfollowers, fans, mutual follows etc.

TweetDeck: Allows you to tweet from multiply accounts at the same time. It allows you to also schedule tweets. allows you to manage several social media accounts facebook, twiiter, google and instagram. Also allows you to schedule and manage posts. manage followers, unfollowers, fans, mutual follows etc. manage followers, unfollowers, fans, mutual follows etc.

Social media is a tool for effectiveness, make the most of it.

Jide Bamidele
Certified e-Campaign and Social Media Expert
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