You Are A Brand!

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You Are A Brand!


It’s Monday Again!


Over the weekend I spoke at an empowerment event in Lagos about the brand you both offline and online.


It is very important for us to understand

  1. What comes to people’s mind when our name shows on people’s Whatsapp, BBM, Timeline, News Feed or Stream is the true representation of who we are to them.
  2. Whatever You Do On Social Media Will Determine How People See You.
  3. Your online activities are adding to your Brand either positively or negativel

Social media is fast becoming a corporate tool for effectiveness all over the world.


Mobile network companies in Nigeria now use internet connectivity as their major advert criteria.

Banks are now making the use of social media for account opening.

By year 2025 about 75% of jobs will become obsolete in Nigeria due to job automation.

Prepare yourself ahead of the crowd and position yourself for the future of work.


Attend our one week Digital Marketing Training.






Day 1 (September 7th 2015)

-exploring blogging (WordPress and blogspot)

-Exploring Podcasting (Audio Marketing)

-Implementing Effective Email Marketing/Newsletter Campaign

– Mobile Marketing (Whatsapp Broadcast, BB Campaign)

PRICE: 10,000 Naira



Day 2 (September 9th 2015)

– Social Media Marketing Fundamentals

– Developing Effective Social Media Engagement Plan

– Facebook Marketing for Business

– Twitter Marketing for Business

– LinkedIn Marketing for Business

– YouTube Marketing for Business

– Photo Marketing with instagram

PRICE: 10,000 Naira



Day 3 (September 11th 2015)

– Understanding PPC/PPM/PPA and CTR

– Online Advertisement

-Google Image and .gif adverts (Google Adsense)

-Facebook ads

-Facebook video ads

-Twitter ads

-YouTube ads

– Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords)

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PRICE: 20,000 Naira



Combination of day 1 and 2 = 17,000 Naira

Combination of Day 3 with any other day = 25,000 Naira

Combination of the 3 days = 30,000 Naira



Cost Covers Certificate, Free eBooks, free utility sites, Training videos, 1 month free after training support.



Venue: 7 Bayo Oyeleke Street Ikolaba GRA, Ibadan


Pay into

Diamond Bank| Sparkconect Solutions |0068488922


Then send payment details to, BBM: 2653432e, Whatsapp +2348066577293.




Jide Bamidele

Certified e-Campaign and Social Media Expert

BBM: 2653432e |

Twitter: @jidespark | Instagram: @jidespark1