Social Media Goals

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Social Media Goals

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It’s Monday Again!

Last week I spoke on Social media and I said the very first thing you need to put in place is WHY you are on social media, now let’s take a look at the four major goals organizations set before they go on social media.

Let us examine the four social media goals.

1. Fame: Becoming known for thought leadership

This goal will be measured by how influential you have become on your chosen social media platform

2. Brand: Establishment, Protection or Promotion of a brand

This goal can simply be measured by answering this simple but very important question; are you broadening your reach?

3. Allure: Prospect for leads and generate sales

This goal is measured by the percentage of awareness that you are converting into action and eventually sales.

4. Service: Conduct service and fulfillment

You can measure this by finding out what your customer sentiment score is, you should know if you are creating and assessing brand loyalists through your campaign.

Remember the overall effect of all your social media effort should be increasing your Fame, Brand, Sales or Service.

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Always remember; “It is not social if it is not engaging”


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