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Social Media 101

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It’s Monday Again!

Good morning,

Last week I promised to give you some hints on social media, so here is it.

Before you commence your social media campaign for the year 2015, there are basic things you need to put in place and the very first one is WHY you are on social media? You need to be able to define specifically why you are on social media; your business goal for being on the social media space is the most important key to your success out there.

Second thing you need to do is define your targeted audience.

There are different platforms on social media and each platform has a particular group of people (Age Group, Financial Status, Ethnic, Interest e.t.c) If you are targeting the middle aged who are always on the move then Twitter is your target, if you are looking for those with the money, the grandmas and grandpas, Parents and CEOs they are now on Facebook and if you are all out for the teenagers Instagram will be very good for you.

You need to find out where your audience is and concentrate 80% of your efforts on the platform; you can now spread the remaining 20% on other platforms.

Until you define WHY you want to do it and find out WHERE to do it, your social media campaign cannot be successful.


Jide Bamidele
Your Startup Coach
e-Campaign and Social Media Expert
Twitter: @jidespark
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