Selling on Social Media

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Selling on Social Media

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It’s Monday Again!

Many people come to social media platforms with the sole intention of selling, so they bombard their BBM contacts with Bcs like these “For Your Birthday, Wedding and other event  cakes contact ABC Confectioneries 080123456789” or this “Italian shoes available at affordable prices call 0706544444444”.

But let me ask you sincerely, how many sales have you recorded by just sending BCs like those above?

Some people are also on social media platforms as amplifiers of either bad news or rumors, and all I ask myself when I see their BCs or tweet, or Facebook update is why will I read a bad news this morning again? So I usually scroll down without fixing my eyes on their text.

There is a simple step you can follow if you have intentions of selling on any social media platform and it is applicable to all platforms.

The first step you need to take is building a list: It could be followers, friends or contacts depending on the platform, the more people you have on your contact the wider your impact can be.

After building a list (followers, contacts, Friends, subscribers) then move on to adding value to them continuously, choose a specific field that you know is relevant to the product and service you will eventually sell to them and keep giving them useful information about it consistently.

Thirdly, Offer free services (Consultation, Advice) in any form you can to your contacts

Then, ask them to invite others to enjoy the same privilege they are enjoying by staying connected to you.

Finally, sell to them, with a discount that is usually not available to others who are not on your contact list.

Please Note that selling comes just once in the five steps so your sales preposition should not come more than 20% of your interactions on social media platforms.

Once you push a product or service for sale, you have completed a cycle so you have to go back to the beginning and start building the relationship again.

Most people don’t buy into a product, they buy into the value they perceive from the person (organization) offering the product.

Make the most of the time you spend on social media.



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