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It’s Monday Again!

The day is bright; the sun is shining so brightly this morning

I hope you are already in work mode.

Do you know that there is a lot of opportunity around you? Irrespective of the part of the world you find yourself there are always opportunities lying around waiting for you to discover them.

If you want to be involved in an enterprise that will give you not just fulfillment but financial reward, you need to look around you and find a problem you can proffer solution to.

You can ask people questions so as to be able to know the problems around you; you will be amazed at the volume of opportunities around you that you can cash in on.

Solving problems has always been the reason for establishing enterprise.

A business can only be viable when it can meet a particular need consistently.


Jide Bamidele
Your Startup Coach
e-Campaign and Social Media Expert




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