Opportunities everywhere!

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Opportunities everywhere!

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It’s Monday Again!

Welcome to this brand new week full of opportunities.

I have not sent a BC since the 12th of January; though I promised to do a few social media related BCs.

I had to stay off BBM for a while but the series had been going on via facebook, twitter and my blog at http://blog.sparkconect.com if you want to see all the series from 19th of January till date you may visithttp://blog.sparkconect.com, there are important social media lessons to learn from the series.

I want you to know that there are lots of opportunities out there especially for those of us in Nigeria, all you need to do is see beyond the obvious, look at everyday situations from a solution providers perspective, you will be amazed at how much life is willing to reward you for solving everyday problems for people. Let me give you some examples.

1. A lady Linda Ikeji saw the need for people to be able to read about Celebrities, Politicians and general Gossip (because majority of the people prefer to gossip than to be in the news) so she started a blog and became famous and financially rewarded.

2. Someone saw the need to help people in Lagos escape traffic jams and started a twitter handle that helps people report traffic situations all over Lagos and now Nigeria. He started @GIDI_Traffic and today HE/SHE is handsomely rewarded and has been endorsed by NOKIA

3. A guy saw the need to talk about politics from the perspective of the common man on the street and started a blog and also use his twitter handle to promote what he believes in and today he is been invited to speak at different political fora all over the world and he is well paid for it. He is @omojuwa and founder of www.omojuwa.com

The list is endless.

Open your eyes as you go about your business this week, there is a problem waiting for you to solve. It is your opportunity for relevance.

Jide Bamidele
Your Startup Coach
Certified e-Campaign and Social Media Expert
Twitter: @jidespark
Instagram: @jidespark1

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