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It’s Monday Again!

This is a very crucial period in the history of our dear country Nigeria. We went to the polls during the weekend and I must confess that I am impressed in the manner at which we conducted ourselves at the various polling units, the turn outs were also impressive.

Now, we need to conduct ourselves in a more matured manner as the results begin to come in and when INEC finally announces the winner later this evening, irrespective of who wins we should be peaceful and accept the results in good faith.

I want to remind us that we are first Nigerians before we belong to any political party or before we support any candidate.

A few things that this election has changed about Nigeria and the way we are being governed.

1. Nigerians are now more aware of the happenings around them.

2. Voters are now important to politicians

3. No longer will any government take the people for granted

4. Governance will never remain the same again.

No matter who wins this election, it is obvious that Nigerians are the real winners, because the next four years will never be like the previous years again.

As we await the final results I want to remind you that except Buhari or Jonathan will lead with their wives and children, Tinubu, Fayose, Fashola, Ajimobi, Abati, Okupe, Obanikoro, Agbaje, Mimiko, Atiku, Obi and co will follow them closely with their wives and children too, don’t engage in violence. No politician is worth dying for


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January 18, 2017 at 11:23 pm

What a joy to find such clear thikginn. Thanks for posting!

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