Manual Labour

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Manual Labour


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It’s Monday Again!


“Manual Labour” I remember those days in secondary school when we used to have a whole period for cutting grass, a whole 40 minutes when every student will be on the field or somewhere else in the school compound cutting grass the period was called MANUAL LABOUR and indeed the labour was manual.


A lot of people still do their business Publicity, Promotion, Marketing and even Customer Service Manually in this 21st Century and it amazes me how people can be in the middle of a movement and not sense it.


For every task you do manually when you could have chosen to do it automatically you exert more strength, spend more time and sometimes more money.


For example if you decide to post a letter instead of sending an email, you and I know that you are actually wasting time and money.


When You drive a manual car inside traffic you will wish your car were automatic, the same thing applies when you refuse to use the social media to your advantage as far as your business success is concerned.

If extremely busy and influential individuals and Organizations can use social media effectively to their advantage what is your EXCUSE?


I started a free social media Appraisal for a few business owners over the weekend and the exercise has been mind blowing.


This was what one of them said ” So on point, thanks for this helpful tips, I will surely apply” –Jenny Chisom (Publisher and Blogger)


I am extending this opportunity to 2 more CEOs today, let’s appraise your social media activities and help you get better at it.

“That the way to achieve higher standards of living for all is through science and technology, taking advantage of better tools, methods and organization”. -Charles E. Wilson




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