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It’s Monday Again!

Good morning, how was your weekend?

I want to briefly remind you today that life will not give to you what you deserve, but what you demand of it.

You demand of life the things you want through your actions, words, your spending and even relationships you allow yourself to get into.

There has never been a successful person in the history of the world who accepts status quo; all great men that have been recorded in history are those who refused to take the route that is popular.

If you want a different result from what you are seeing everywhere you have to intentionally demand for it.

meanwhile the BBM and WHATSAPP Seminar “ENTERTAINERS SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY” for SINGERS, SONG WRITERS, PRODUCERS, DANCERS, ARTISTS, ACTORS, COMEDIANS, INSTRUMENTALISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS AND VIDEOGRAPHERS, EVENT PLANNERS, DECORATORS, DESIGNERS and everybody that has one thing or the other to do with that industry is still holding on the 28th and 29th of May.

Registration is ongoing and as soon as we get the expected number we want we will stop registering people.

We only want serious minded people not a crowd.

If you are interested you can PING 2653432e or buzz us on WHATSAPP

Remember, “Life is an accumulation of the consequences of our choices.”


Jide Bamidele
Your Startup Coach
Certified e-Campaign and Social Media Expert
BBM: 2653432e
Twitter: @jidespark
Instagram: @jidespark1

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