Invest Wisely

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Invest Wisely


It’s Monday Again!

Good morning, I hope you had a great night and I believe you are already on the things that matters most for this week.

I was not able to send a BC last Monday but you can read it up on my blog¬† the title is “CHANGE”

Today I want to talk about three basic things that you have and can invest wisely to get a better result in life.

1. Time: everybody on the surface of earth has 24 hours every day but what differentiates men is how they invest their own 24 hours. Invest your time with men who inspire, invest your time in personal development, invest your time in the things of God, Invest your time in destiny fulfilling relationships, invest your time in your family and loved ones.

2. Money: We all have money no matter how little, but what will determine how much money we eventually have is how we invest that little one we presently have. Invest your money with men who produce. Invest your money on viable ideas, Invest your money on books, Invest your money on personal development.

3. Talent: There is no single individual on the surface of earth without a talent, some of us even have more than one talent and most people have more talent than they are even aware of.

For your talent to increase or become profitable to you, to your society and to God, you have to invest it.

Invest your talent with men who create.

The greatest tragedy in life is not having Time, Money and Talent. It is not investing that which you have wisely.


Jide Bamidele
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