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It’s Monday Again!


It’s the first Monday in the month of June, now we have entered the last 30 days of the first half of the year 2015.


Yes, it seems everything is moving at a very fast pace, but seriously the year is not moving at any faster rate than usual, because every single day we’ve had has had 24 hours as every other day we’ve spent since we got to this earth.


Now what makes our days to look like they are running faster than usual?


If you are having enough purpose driven activities on a daily basis the days will look too short for you, because you will feel you are achieving less results than you should achieve daily.


If you owe people and the fund to service your debt is not coming as expected you may begin to feel that the days should be extended further than 24 hours as the deadline for re-payment of your debts arrives.


If you are in a place or on a project that you enjoy so much, and it seems the day to leave that place or to complete the project is coming to an end you may be feeling like the days are running too fast.


Finally if you are not getting the expected results or you are not achieving your goals for the year as earlier planned, you may be seeing the days moving faster than usual.


All said, when you think or feel the days are moving faster than usual, check yourself, check your activities and if there is need for adjustments in any area of your life, don’t wait till it is convenient to do it. DO IT NOW.




Jide Bamidele

Your Startup Coach

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January 18, 2017 at 10:20 pm

Now I feel stpdui. That’s cleared it up for me

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