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It’s Monday Again!

It’s a bright morning, the sun is shining already and the clock is ticking fast as usual.

Today is the 110th day in 2015, the year is moving fast.

We are already in the 16th week out of the 52 weeks of 2015.

We are on the verge of spending a fourth of the weeks in the year.

What is that thing that you will do differently this week that can reshape the remaining weeks of this year for you?

What attitude do you need to change this week in order to move closer to your goal for this year?

What phone call do you need to make that you have been putting forward up until now?

Get up right now and take that step, make that call.

Life does not come with a remote control, if you do not like what you are experiencing, you need to get up and change it.
If you are not pleased with where you are, you need to move, you are not a tree.
It’s a blessed week for YOU!

Jide Bamidele
Your Startup Coach
Certified e-Campaign and Social Media Expert
BBM: 2653432e
Twitter: @jidespark
Instagram: @jidespark11 quarter

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January 18, 2017 at 10:23 pm

The existrpee shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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